The bandag process

A True Cold Process Retread

Definition: Quoted from the Editor of the World renowned "Retreaders Journal".

Any retread vulcanised at 104°C (220°F) is a cold cure. Any retread vulcanised at more than 104°C (220°F) is a hot cure.

How does this affect you?

The hard fact is that heat is the biggest killer of rubber and tyres. The recognised temperature that affects the adhesion of the tyre casing rubber to the casing material (rayon, nylon, steel etc) is 118°C (245°F).

Bandag uses a low 99°C (210°F) while other retreaders use temperatures of up to 156°C (313°F).

It stands to reason that the combination of the cold process plus its high quality precured rubber sets Bandag apart from the competition. Bandag retreads mean higher mileage and longer casing life...and that makes dollars and sense.